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Mariel Rearte Senior editor

SystemTweaker 2014 is a system tool that allows you to modify default Windows settings. It is a system configuration tool designed to provide easy access to dozens of advanced, hidden Windows tweaks in order to make your PC faster, more secure, and more fit to your needs.

SystemTweaker 2014 looks pretty simple; it has a friendly, organized interface that arranges all its features into tabs dividing tweaks into two main areas: System tweaks and visual tweaks.
As for the functional aspects of Windows, this tool offers options to configure the context menu, network settings, Control Panel, and general settings. For example, from the General System Settings tab you can configure your PC to automatically reboot after the Blue Screen error occurs, turn off notifications in the task bar, or allow the simultaneous load of the desktop and logon scripts, all by means of simple drop-down menus and dialogs. It is also possible to tweak the right-click menu behavior by hiding, disabling, or activating certain options like 'Open With', Command Prompt, etc.

Visual Tweaks, in turn, offer options to hide and show items in the Start Menu as well as adjust the appearance of Windows, enabling smooth scrolling, a fading out effect for menu items, displaying shadows under menus, animations, etc. Every configuration option shows a brief explanation of the effect it will have on your system, so you can make an informed decision before modifying any settings. In any case, under the Overview tab there is an option to create a system restore point, should you need to undo the changes.

In short, SystemTweaker 2014 is a user-friendly configuration tool for Windows that makes advanced and little-known Windows tweaks easy to locate and use.


  • User-friendly.
  • Makes advanced and little-known Windows tweaks easy to locate and use.
  • Nice interface.


  • No trial version available.

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    Guest 2 years ago

    An easy-to use optimization tool!

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    Guest 2 years ago

    Easy to use Windows optimization tool!


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